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Re: [IP] BG Meters

At 05:18 PM 5/15/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Casn anyone tell me how much the Accutility costs?  Is there any way to get 
>one free?
>Don and Penguinie -0
>                            /'()\

The accutility costs 39.95.. or real close to that... when I ordered it the
shipped me 2 of them  (don't know why) so i called them just to be nice and
 inform them of the mistake and to make sure i was not charged 2 times..
they told my that they did not know why i was sent 2 of them but i could
keep the 2nd one free because it would probably cost them more in the long
run to ship it back...

got to love it when big companies screw up..  8)

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