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Re: [IP] BG Meters

The thing I feel is important about logging is that if you get in trouble you 
have a record to look at to see what you did wrong and to possibly find a 
solution quicker.
If you rely on data on the meter and quarterly downloads and A1c's sure you 
will have a record of numbers, but not of what you ate or did or how you felt 
when sertain things happened.  I keep an extensive log of my food, 
Carbs,exercise how I feel physically at different meter reading and have 
started to keep track of my mental attitude and perspective.  I probably go a 
little overboard but I find that in reviewing I can tell how much a pizza or 
a new food affects me and allow for it next time. 

Casn anyone tell me how much the Accutility costs?  Is there any way to get 
one free?
Don and Penguinie -0
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