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Re: [IP] BG Meters

But do you know what software will work with the Fast Take now? I 
received the following from Lifescan about the "In Touch" software 
along with the data cable:

: For your information the upgraded IN TOUCH Software that is 
: compatible with the FastTake Meter is still under development, but
: we anticipate that it will be available soon.  At this time you can 
: use HyperTerminal or Terminal to communicate with your meter.  
: If you choose to receive a FastTake adapter, we would be pleased 
: to forward you instructions on how to use this feature.  We will 
: continue to keep your name on file and notify you when the 
: upgraded IN TOUCH Software is available.  

> Ruth wrote:
> >Don't you wish there was a way to combine the downloads though from more 
> >than one
> >meter and enter more specific notes and other info?
> >
> Bob Burnett wrote:
> Depending on the software package you're using, it may allow downloads from
> multiple meters into the same data file. This is sometimes referred to as
> "clinic mode".

George Lovelace
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