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Re: [IP] BG Meters

Ruth wrote:

>Don't you wish there was a way to combine the downloads though from more 
>than one
>meter and enter more specific notes and other info?
Depending on the software package you're using, it may allow downloads from
multiple meters into the same data file. This is sometimes referred to as
"clinic mode".

As I recall, "In Touch" software for the Lifescan meters allows this. I
think that Accutility does, as well. A program called "Mellitus Manager"
has similar capabilities. "Precision Link", for the Precision QID and QID
pen meters allows for this, according to MediSense.

The readings are typically tracked and stored in the data base according to
the meter serial number, which is read from the meters during the download.
As long as you can associate a single "patient" name with multiple meter
serial numbers, the software should manage this well.

Bob Burnett

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