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Re: [IP] Plain Text / HTML Text

You are right, Susan, it does take up a lot of extra room, and it 
makes it expensive and difficult for some of the members. HTML 
should only be used for web pages and private mail. It has no place 
on a listserv or a newsgroup.  The admins had a "chat" just two 
days ago to help members in setting their email programs to avoid 
these difficulties.  We will probably schedule another chat in the 
future so watch for details. BTW thank you for posting in "plain text"

> Why do some of the messages have plain text at the top and
> then the message is repeated, word for word, in HTML text
> at the bottom?  
> This really takes up a lot of unnecessary room.  Is there
> any way to stop it?

George Lovelace
email @ redacted
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