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Re: [IP] Insurance, YUCK!!!

Wendell and Linda wrote:
> I'm so unhappy with our insurance companies!  Our primary insurance pays for
> durable goods at 50% up to a $1,000; whoopee!  Took them a year to decide
> they would anything for the pump.  Their portion ended up being $246 . .
> .took them until January (Kim, 11, got her pump in July) to pay their
> portion.  The secondary insurance still has not gotten the bill so they can
> pay their portion..80%.  Anyway, the real problem is this:  I just got a
> statement from the secondary insurance and they are not paying for Kim's
> test strips.  They haven't gone through a pharmacy.  Our primary insurance
> has us buy all of our supplies through a diabetes supply house. 

Malarkey!! Diabetes supply houses ARE pharmacies: They have pharmacists
staff, don't they? Pharmacy is NOT restricted to the corner drug store,
it includes
ANY business that requires a pharmacist.

> prescription needed.  Today I got the statement and it was from an order
> last Aug.  Primary insurance says too bad, so sad.  

Invite the insurance company to connsider spending several thousand
dollars per
hospital visit CAUSED by not being able to tet frequently enough to
diabetes. Do they SPECIFICALLY exclude pumps and pump supplies in the
If not, they MUST pay.

Secondary says no way
> will we pay because you didn't go through a pharmacy!  For the previous 1.5
> years we HAD to buy the supplies through a supply house.  Supposedly  the
> Secondary  policy on D supplies changed in Sept. and a letter was supposedly
> sent out...no offense to anyone working in the postal service...but
> sometimes we just don't get stuff we're supposed to...

Contact the Post Office about mail fraud, and be sure to give them the

> By the way, infusion sets are not considered D supplies but everything else
> is.

They may consider them as "Durable medical supplies" Or is that what you
by "D supplies"?

Ted Quick
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