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Re: [IP] Insurance, YUCK!!!

> ANYWAY, I'm really angry because
> it's been 9 months now of buying supplies and I'm just NOW finding
> out that the secondary insurance doesn't think they should pay. 
> GRRRR Needed to vent.  I supposedly getting a call from the
> supervisor's supervisor Monday and hopefully we will get this
> resolved.  Does anyone out there have any ideas. By the way,
> infusion sets are not considered D supplies but everything else is.

APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL. They do have certain obligations re: 
notification, etc.... Keep beating on them, you will probably succeed 
even if they say no a few more times. READ your policy very carefully 
about what is covered etc... check for specific language on diabetes 
supplies, durable medical, everything. It's legal mumbo jumbo, but 
they must live by what is says. It works both ways. If they don't 
spell it out in the contract as excluded, you get it!
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