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[IP] Insurance, YUCK!!!

I'm so unhappy with our insurance companies!  Our primary insurance pays for
durable goods at 50% up to a $1,000; whoopee!  Took them a year to decide
they would anything for the pump.  Their portion ended up being $246 . .
.took them until January (Kim, 11, got her pump in July) to pay their
portion.  The secondary insurance still has not gotten the bill so they can
pay their portion..80%.  Anyway, the real problem is this:  I just got a
statement from the secondary insurance and they are not paying for Kim's
test strips.  They haven't gone through a pharmacy.  Our primary insurance
has us buy all of our supplies through a diabetes supply house.  No
prescription needed.  Today I got the statement and it was from an order
last Aug.  Primary insurance says too bad, so sad.  Secondary says no way
will we pay because you didn't go through a pharmacy!  For the previous 1.5
years we HAD to buy the supplies through a supply house.  Supposedly  the
Secondary  policy on D supplies changed in Sept. and a letter was supposedly
sent out...no offense to anyone working in the postal service...but
sometimes we just don't get stuff we're supposed to...Whenever I get mail
from our insurances I do read it...but I honestly do not remember anything
about pharmacies and D supplies.  ANYWAY, I'm really angry because it's been
9 months now of buying supplies and I'm just NOW finding out that the
secondary insurance doesn't think they should pay.  GRRRR Needed to vent.  I
supposedly getting a call from the supervisor's supervisor Monday and
hopefully we will get this resolved.  Does anyone out there have any ideas.
By the way, infusion sets are not considered D supplies but everything else

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