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Re: [IP] Pump traveling hints?

When I went out of town I took one infusion set for everyday (have to change
every 2 days) that way if I wasted one or had to change it for some reason I was
fine.  Only wasted one but did stay an extra day.  I had plenty. Glad I took the
extra insulin though I really needed that.  I ran high while I was gone and
needed extra.  All that guesstimating took its toll. You might also want to take
good documentation regarding the pump and medical procedures.  (i.e.. Do NOT
disconnect insulin pump)

> Scott Searle wrote:
> I am going on a trip out of the country for 3 weeks, in June.  Are there any
> ideas that could help me make this smoother for me and my Disetronic?  Do I
> have to take boxes and boxes of extra stuff or just enough and a few extra?
> Do pumps go through customs ok?
> I quess that's enough for now..
> Thanks for the help!
> Scott
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