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Re: [IP] Pump traveling hints?

email @ redacted wrote:
> I've bene through oodles and oodles of metal detectors in many different
> cities and a few different countries.  I have found that the pump case I
> usually use will set off the dectectors but have never had the pump itself
> set them off.  On travel days, I jsut make sure not to use a pump case with
> snaps or any other metal and I just breeze through.  I also find it easier if
> I don't have the pump in plain sight.  Otherwise I will get stopped and asked
> to put the "beeper" in the basket.

I got stopped in Seattle -- I don't use a case, but I had the pump in a
pocket, and the guard asked me what it was. I pulled it out, and he
gestured toward the tray. I told him it was connected (I don't want to
disconnect it and put it in the dirty tray!), so he had one of the
female guards wave me with a wand. I told them what it was, and they let
me pass -- didn't take more than 5 minutes, and gave them something to

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