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Re: [IP] Pump traveling hints?

Hi.  Pumping is very different than MDI, but, I still use MDI travel 'gui=
delines'.  I always take 2X the supplies that I will need.  I divide the =
supplies equally, pack 1/2 then carry on the other 1/2.  I believe in the=
; 'hope for the best but be prepared for the worst' philosophy.  Another =
thing that you may find very helpful is a 'Travel Letter'.  This document=
 is prepared by your MD.  It will give the facts about you and your pump =
and supplies.  It may also contain emergency instructions.  If you are =
going abroad solo, I would recommend that you get a translation of this =
letter into the local language (I travel solo most of the time).  This =
may seem an excessive step, but you should be prepared in case you can =
not communicate for yourself.  Bon voyage~Frank

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