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[IP] Sport Guard Case

I'm a few days behind, but Jen wanted to know how the sport-guard case is 
useful.  I found it useful at an "all day with the kids " day at a water 
park.  Wouldn't have wanted to keep disonncting and leaving the expensive 
pump laying inthe "cubbies" by each ride, nor would it have been as nice to 
have to keep returning to a locker to "bolus-up".  Yes, I needed less insulin 
with all the activity, but not so little that it wasn't easiet to just wear 
the sport guard.  Kudo's for getting it free, I spent around 60$ on it.  
Also, even as a female, some of the sports in college would be a good use of 
the case (had I worn a pump in college) ie Puddle Pull....hard to explain but 
figure in mud, tug of war, a real mess.  And our "tag" football was a little 
rough for a pump.

My $.02    Linda
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