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Re: [IP] Lispro Use in Pumps

In a message dated 5/13/99 4:04:14 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I think I remember reading a while ago about a doctor not wanting to use
 Humalog in a pump. >>


Thanks for the info.  I am one whose doc "never heard" of using H in a pump.  

An update on my situation...

My doc talked to someone who said it would be OK to use H in the pump (duh!) 
and had one of her nurses call me.  Instead of taking my word that I was well 
informed on what changes I would need to make and just giving me a 
prescription, I was to set up an appointment with the one CDE in my town so 
she could help me make adjustments.  

Luckily, the CDE is a very busy woman and was thankful when I said that I 
didn't need an appointment with her.  After talking about the changes I 
expected, she agreed to call my doc and tell her that I was approved.  

I got a call from the pharmacy that the doc called in a prescription.  I'm 
going to start on Saturday when I can closely monitor things.

Today in the mail I received a sample Silhoutte.  I think I will wait to try 
this until after I get the H regulated.  I also received my free FastTake (I 
just called and whined a bit and they agreed to send me one).  The data cable 
should be here any day now.  I feel as if I am almost fully "upgraded" even 
though I still won't have the backlight!


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