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Re: [IP] Pump traveling hints?

In a message dated 5/13/99 4:33:21 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Are there any ideas that could help me make this smoother for me and my 
Disetronic?  Do I have to take boxes and boxes of extra stuff or just enough 
and a few extra?  Do pumps go through customs ok?  >>

Where are you going?  If you are going somewhere where English is not the 
primary language you may want to have a letter from your doctot stating that 
you"device"is an insulin pump and it cannot be removed.  You should also 
carry prescriptions for all medications and supplies.

I ran into some security guards in Mexico that wouldn't let me go through 
security until I took off my pump.  This was before quick releases and there 
was no way I could disconnect.  They appeared to know no English and my 
Spanish is rather limited.  I did manage to spit out "It's medical and can't 
be removed".  They shrugged and let me pass."  Then again, I may have said 
something totally different and they just thought I was a nutcase!

I usually take 1 1/2 times the amount of supplies I will need.  I'd rather 
bring some back than to run out.

Have a great trip! 
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