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Re: [IP] doing well!

> Our big hurdle is after breakfast  - 2 hour pp. He starts out at
> 110-120 and spikes to 220-230! It's nice that it is easy to
> correct...but we are down to  a 10:1 ratio and still high. Tomorrow
> we try 9:1. Seems strange to have so many different meal ratios. 
> Most meals we achieve great 2 hours with 10:1. Snacks are more 15:1.
> Weird I think. BUT I really LOVE this calculating and figuring it
> out.

Read the HOWTO about ratios. He probably needs a "morning" bolus to 
compensate for metabolic changes that occur when you wake up AND eat. 
These will be most likely be DIFFERENT on days when he sleeps in. 
Figure what the hbs bolus would be base on averages of data you've 
collected so far, do it at the beginning of breakfast and use the 
regular ratio for the meal. Then his ratios will remain constant. 
You can test this by eating two different carbo content breakfasts on 
different days. The morning bolus should remain constant with only a 
standard ratio meal bolus changing. Works for Lily.

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