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[IP] doing well!

Pumping has been wonderful.  We have few things left to fix...but all and all 
I think it is going GREAT! Kevin made it thru gym class today without going 
LOW! Amazing!!! He eats right before and turns off pump. Also, had his first 
pizza and came out at 96 at 2 hours! Wow.

Our big hurdle is after breakfast  - 2 hour pp. He starts out at 110-120 and 
spikes to 220-230! It's nice that it is easy to correct...but we are down to  
a 10:1 ratio and still high. Tomorrow we try 9:1. Seems strange to have so 
many different meal ratios.  Most meals we achieve great 2 hours with 10:1. 
Snacks are more 15:1. Weird I think. BUT I really LOVE this calculating and 
figuring it out.

If he makes it thru gym tomorrow too I will truly be amazed!

Thanks for all your support,

Mom of Kevin
(happy that we are 2 days from another site change!)

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