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Re: [IP] re: meter in a pen-- SOFTWARE!?


I happened to be speaking to someone at MediSense today when I noticed your
message. Here's what I remember from my conversation:

The QID pen is really the same as the QID, it's just shaped differently.
Each of these two meters can download up to 125 readings from the meter,
even though the meter itself only displays the last 10 readings.

The Precision Link software requires a connection between the meter and the
computer (no surprise here). This connection is a cable coupled to what's
best described as a "protocol converter".

The converter is actually configured with the date and time, synchronized
to the computer. The package then has the ability to convert readings from
the meter to the appropriate date / time categories (as far as I
understood, this has to do with crystal oscillations in the meter, blah,
blah. blah).

Precision Link is packaged as a software, interface combination. You can't
purchase the cable / protocol converter separate. List price is
approximately $140, depending on where you purchase it.

Latest version of the software is 2.0 (runs with Windows 95 and NT, does
*NOT* run on Windows 3.1)
Prior version of the software is 1.3 (runs on Windows 95 and Windows 3.1,
but probably not on NT).

Mellitus Manager, by Metamedix can also download from these meters via the
Medisense converter.

I haven't seen or tried this yet. I've been using the Precision QID as a
"travel meter" for the past year or so, and will be using it as my primary
going forward. It's been solid, reliable, accurate and consistent. I don't
compare it to other meters - there's never a way to win that contest :-)

That's all the details I can remember from my conversation. Hope it helps.

Bob Burnett

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