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Re: [IP] Pump traveling hints?

At 03:31 PM 5/13/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Do I have to take boxes and boxes of extra stuff or just enough and a few
extra?   >Do pumps go through customs ok? 
>I quess that's enough for now..
>Thanks for the help!

Hi Scott:

I am also on the Disetronic and when ever i leave town on an extended trip
i always figure how many times i am going to change the site (figuring on
the low site of 3 days even since it is rearly that fast) and i always take
about 3-4 extra sets if it is a extended trip.  and i take atleast 1 extra
cartrage of insulin if i prefill them or just a bottle and a few cartrages.
1 extra set of batteries, and ofcourse a copy of my basal rates and my
spare pump.

The pump should go threw smooth but it is wish to make a little card that says
"I am a diabetic using the Insulin pump If their are any questions call
####### "
have this go to your Dr. and also have him sign the card then laminate it.

Hope this helps

Brian Carter
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