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[IP] Lispro Use in Pumps

I think I remember reading a while ago about a doctor not wanting to use
Humalog in a pump.  Today at the library I was scanning the newest issue of
Diabetes Care (May 1999, published by ADA), and noticed an article about a
study done on the use of Humalog in pumps.  It was a multicenter trail
(with I think 113 participants) and found that lispro (Humalog) is good to
use in pumps.  It found a significantly lower HbA1c after 4 months using
lispro compared to the 4 months using regular.  It did not find a
significant increase in hypoglycemic reactions.  And there were an equal
number of infections when using R or H.  Only one episode of DKA occured,
and that was when the person was using R.  It did exclude people allergic
to insulin, pregant women, lacating women, and women planning on becoming
pregant.  You had to have been a pumper for 6 months (I think) as well.
Both Disatronic and MiniMed were used.

Now, I wrote the above just from my memory, so I might be a little off in
places.  I couldn't locate a copy of the article on the web.  I still
thought it might be of use to someone who is trying to convice their doc to
let them use H in their pump.  The article is in Diabetes Care, May 1999 (I
want to say page 783, but I am probably slightly off on that).

dx 94, MM507C 4/6/99 :-)
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