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[IP] Meter Accuracy

I just started on a pump (MM 507c) and received a free AccuCheck complete 
meter - a fabulous machine! For the past 8 years I've used an ExacTech meter, 
a basic and easy to use device.

Concerned about technique-related errors, etc, I decided to run parallel bg 
tests for a few days and found my Exactech meters (I have 3 of them) ran 
40-50 points lower than the AC at high bg's (>150), and even more concerning, 
20-30 points lower at bgs in the 60-80 range.

My CDE says to believe the Accucheck, which means basically I have to start 
over again playing with basals and carb ratios. Does anyone know of impartial 
data on meter accuracy?

Which meters are most accurate?
Which are least sensitive to technique errors?
Which produce the most repeatable results?

One note, I don't think control solutions provided by manufacturers are very 
helpful in solving my dilema because of the 40 point spread for which they 
claim the meter is 'accurate'.

Thanks for your help!
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