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Re: [IP] Getting my signals crossed btwn High and Low :(

April M. Mar wrote:
> I just came to test because I feel so HIGH,  I expected it to be in the
> upper 200 because my throat is so dry and I feel highish.  But I am 44.

I find that my symptoms do not necessarily correlate with my BGs,
because they lag behind, just like urine sugar lags behind. Maybe your
throat was dry because you HAD been high a couple of hours ago. 

I can always tell when I've BEEN high, but it doesn't mean I'm high
right now. 

Usually, I get symptomatic after a high-carb, low-fat meal, because the
carbs kick in a lot faster than the insulin, and so I initially go high,
but the insulin does bring the BGs down a bit later. So by the time I
feel symptoms, I'm already down.  

Possibly you need to test more often and see if those symptoms correlate
with an earlier high. But the risk of doing this is that you might
over-react if you see a high number -- you should never correct a high
without considering how much insulin might still be active from your
last basal. 

This varies for each person, but there is a rule-of-thumb in the Pumping
Insulin book, which I highly recommend!

Good luck! 
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