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re: Fwd:[IP]Expelling Food Horizontally..with great force

>Jessica of course,is allergic to glucagon and stopped breathing after we gave 
>it to her!!!!! (Always the troublemaker )....................Doreen-mom of 2 

So Jessica really is alergic to "sugar"?  <LOL>  Remember hearing that
as a child..
"Oh your diabetic? That means you are allergic to sugar right?"

Sorry, but seriously, is she allergic to the dilution material or the
glucagon tablet itself?  Is she also allergic to the Dextrose 50/50
solution that ambulances have on hand?  How do you treat the serious

Sorry for all the questions, just curiousity getting away from me.  I
have some strange allergies myself and was wondering how you coped with

- - Sherry
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