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[IP] Vanadyl Sulfate - Found Diabetes Article

Ok I found more info,  but still not so sure about

Christene Ullom
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	1997 Diabetes Highlights Highlights from the 1997
meeting of the American Diabetes Association
<http://www.diabetes/org/>.  Other Highlights
<diab97_hp.html>   Could Vanadyl Sulfate Help Diabetic
Patients? It has been known for some time that
compounds that contain vanadium can have an affect on
the blood sugar levels of animals and people. But
could these compounds have a clinically useful effect
in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic
patients? This study was based on the premise that
vanadyl sulfate (VOSO4) has been shown to reduce
hyperglycemia and insulin resistance in diabetes
animal models, and vanadium salts have had
insulin-like actions in vitro. In an attempt to learn
more about the effects of one vanadium-containing
compound, 12 patients with NIDDM were treated with 150
mg/day of vanadyl sulfate for 6 weeks. Five patients
were controlled with diet only, and 7 were also given
sulfonylurea drugs to help control their blood sugar
levels. The doses of these drugs were kept constant
during.  Metabolic studies were performed following a
4-week run-in period, and following the 6 weeks of
treatment with vanadyl sulfate. Caloric intake and
physical activity remained constant throughout the
study. Insulin secretion was measured by oral glucose
tolerance test (OGTT), and insulin sensitivity and
plasma lipids were also measured.  Results of the
study showed that treatment reduced fasting plasma
glucose (191 +/-15 to 155 +/-11 mg/dL), HbA1c (8.2
+/-0.4 to 7.7 +/-0.4%), and fructosamine (359 +/-22 to
291 +/-15 mmol/L) levels, indicating control of high
blood sugar levels. During the OGTT, mean plasma
glucose decreased by 30 mg/dL and plasma insulin
levels also decreased slightly. Glucose uptake in
people who received insulin was increased by 22%, but
was still less than in control. Basal hepatic glucose
production declined significantly following treatment
and total cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol also
showed a significant decline.  The results of this
study demonstrate the potential beneficial effects of
vanadyl sulfate in the treatment of NIDDM. Vanadyl
sulfate may be similar to phosphorus in that it
affects the activity of many enzymes, thereby
potentially causing widespread effects throughout the
body. However, except for a few cases of transient
mild diarrhea, the compound was well tolerated. 
ADA-7112  As seen on PharmInfoNet
(http://pharminfo.com). Copyright 1997 PIA Ltd. and
VirSci Corporation. Last modified on Sunday, 13-Jul-97

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