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Re: [IP] Re: G3

My Collection(mind you, I do this for a living):

Most work and correspondence - My PowerBook G3/266mhz/128megs RAM/14.1" TFT
My son's machine is an iMac 233/32megs

Mac Servers:

G3/300 with UltraWide Drives running OS X(basically FreeBSD 4.4 with some
Multimedia streaming bells and whistles) for web serving
8600/300 running web sites
7200/120 running listservs
6100/60 running mail
840AV running DNS

But NO BLUE G3's yet......I am not budgeted for another machine for at least
another 2 months.....we'll see....


"Gee, no......G3!"

Netstreet Networks, L.L.C. - No Brakes HTML and Database.......
                 -  Very Y2K Compliant -
email:   email @ redacted
cell:    703-626-5532
PGP key available for encrypted transmissions

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>From: email @ redacted
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>Subject: Re: [IP] Re: G3
>Date: Thu, May 13, 1999, 8:05 AM

> I've got the old standard biege G3, but I have the clear Disetronic, so it
> matches anything!!!
> Scooter
> PS I am looking into upgrading to a 400 mhz G3!!
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