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Re: [IP] Expelling Food Horizontally..with great force

>Duck And Barb wrote:
>>  Seriously though,   I was just
>> wondering if there are very many people who vomit after a severe low.
>> Any output.....um.. I mean, input, on the subject??
When I was a child I attended a diabetic camp for 5 years.  For some reason
the first 2 years I attended I woke up soaking wet in the camp hospital
with severe low bg's and projectile vomiting.  I had never experienced this
before and have not since then.  After pondering it years later believe
that it was caused by a combination of all the activities that went on the
night before leaving (a dance was the main event) and just being worked up
(adrenaline) because camp was coming to an end after a GREAT 2 weeks.

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