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Re: [IP] Re: Fwd: No Subject - See Attachment - A mom's letter to a local

This reminds me when I had the flu back in February.  My bs had been 300 for 
2 days and I could not get in touch with my endo.  My ketones were up and I 
decided it was time to go to the ER.  I explained why I was there---DKA, but 
the ER doctor checked me and finally after waiting several hours, told me I 
did have the flu and he was giving me a prescription for medicine for the 
flu.  I politely explained I knew I had the flu and came in because my 
ketones were high and bs up.  So then we finally do a urinalysis and try to 
do something. I was so mad.  Then I had to listen to him call another DR on 
the phone and tell him all about my pump and how neat it was.  Sure hope I 
never have to do that again.

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