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RE: [IP] Re: Prednisone

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Hi Doug, I have used prednisone for bells palsy and also noticed that my
sugars were ALWAYS high.  My endo told me that this is a problem with
diabetics using prednisone.  So, don't worry, when you are down with the
prednisone your bg's will return to normal.  mine did.  :)

Bradley D. Pierson
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Hi Pumpers!

Has anyone had problems with Prednisone and high Bg's? I have Graves disease
in my eyes and that is what my Endo prescribed for it. I also have had the
thyroid treatment(radioactive iodine!!). My bg was 126 last nite at 6:00,
then I took the Prednisone at 7:00 and at 9:00 I was 396!! No ketones so I
bolused and then I was around 200 the rest of the night. I took another dose
this morning and so far so good. I'll be checking my bg every 2 hrs today!

Doug (now a pumper for a week) Kilokowski

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