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[IP] Expelling Food Horizontally..with great force

Excuse the silly subject line, I just thought 'vomiting' as a subject
line might turn a few stomachs.  Seriously though,   I was just
wondering if there are very many people who vomit after a severe low.
Not a very palatable subject, I know, but I was chatting once with  a
woman who was told by her endo that  her baby's vomiting was not the
result of low blood sugars as the two were not related.    Well, I know
for SURE  they are related with Erica.  Twice she was in ER for lows,
and once I was able to treat her at home (it was not as severe), but all
three times she vomited.  Other than those times, she has been virtually
vomit free!!
Any output.....um.. I mean, input, on the subject??
oops...sorry to those of you who might be eating a meal while reading
Barb...Erica's mom

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