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Re: [IP] BG Meters

Hey Amy~

I've used a lot of meters over the years, and  I do switch brands every
once in awhile.  One thing that I have found consistent is.....I always
HATE the new meter I'm using....for at least a week.

I switched from the Lifescan One-Touch Profile to the Accu-chek
Complete about ten months ago.  As I've said, during the first week or
two...I just hated the Complete.  Now I absolutely LOVE it!  After I
became comfortable with all the features, I started playing with it
like a video game.  I really love the graph feature, you can review
your overall control in seconds.  

I've also got an Accu-chek Advantage meter to use as a spare when I
travel...but don't use it much because the readings won't be in my
Complete's memory bank.  The Complete and Advantage use the same
strips. I like the idea that if something happens to my Complete meter
when I have 300 strips on hand, I don't have to rush out and get
another meter. I can use the same strips in my Advantage (until I can
get another Complete for FREE). 

So Amy, just give yourself a little time to adjust to the new meter. 
If you aren't comfortable with it after 2 or 3 weeks....maybe then you
need to look at other brands.

Best Wishes from Janet Marie who Loves her MiniMed Pump!

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