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Re: [IP] Re:tongue biting mothers

   Thanks for the "vote of confidence". The postscript to my "tongue biting 
story" of course is that she DID change the site, ran in the low-mid 100s all 
day & awoke at 105 this morning.....Gee, what a difference a new set can 
make!!!....Doesn't always work, but I TRY to use the same approach to getting 
her to comply, as I used to do when she was on MDI & my mother would say 
"you're letting her eat THAT!!!!": i.e., it's ONE meal out of 21 per week / 
or in this case, it's ONE set change out of 730 in a year......The "fallout" 
from "making a big scene" with a 16 yr old would have been counterproductive 
& she's smart enough to know "good old Mom was right" without me having to 
say "told ya so!!!" LOL

Regards, Renee
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