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[IP] Help! Looking for Tips for HOW TO page

Hi  pumpers.  We would like to put a 'how to', for site
insertion for children, on the website.   Insertion
sites/preparation/angles/etc.   I am relatively new at this, although
things are going great with Erica, but there are lots of tips,
reminders, etc.
that all you seasoned pumpers can send me that we (and me) can use.
everybody has that YMMV thingy to keep in mind, it might be difficult to

use everything, but surely we can put together something that will help
out someone who is looking for direction.  Remember, this is specific to

site insertion/preparation.  I can only
give my .02 worth as a Silhouette user.  Maybe someone else can take on
the task of another type of infusion set?  There have been some
interesting posts about the Rapids lately.
Please e'mail me directly so as not to jam up the digest....I am hoping
for lots of input and direction  :-)
I will post this a few times over the next few days, so you can ignore
it if you have already replied, or if you have thought of something else

to add.....send it along!.
Thanks pumpers!!
Barb...Erica's mom
Thanks to the pumpers who responded so far :-)

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