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Re: [IP] Fast Take reliability

I love the FastTake.  I run with it and carry it in my purse everywhere I go. 
 I use the accucheck at home.  However, I have not found FastTake to be 
reliable.  Twice since I have had it, the meter went blank.  I could not turn 
it on, as if the battery were dead.  I had had no low battery indication.  
The first time it went blank was due to camping out in hot weather.  Two days 
after it went blank, it came back on when I was in an air-conditioned home 
dialing for technical help.  I had changed the batteries which didn't help.  
I think it was the heat.  I wear the pump when I run (1 hour), but I was in 
the heat all day and maybe that made a difference.  
The second time was recently.  I called for technical help and they told me 
to take the batteries out and then put them back in.  That worked.  They said 
that this had been a problem with the FastTake.  So if this happens to you, 
try removing and replacing the same batteries before calling for help.  That 
was a very easy fix.  BTW, this was a new meter because my meter was stolen 
when I was in Atlanta in March.  It does look like a wallet.  I still love 
this meter, but when I travel I have to take a backup meter just in case.  I 
have never had any problem with the accucheck advantage not working.  ellen
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