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Many of us probably joined this list without fulling exploring the web 
site... There are some requests for us listers to write some FAQS... now, 
I've only been pumping 3 wks but I would kill to read some FAQS like 
these... but I just don't have the experience (yet) to write them...

Any volunteers?  Contact Michael... here is what they are looking for (I 
would especially love to read #1 ;) )  Someday when I am a veteran, I 
promise to contribute, but for now I am lost ;)  I'd love to write one on 
exercise after I actually figure that one out!

     Where to hide the pump places ladies stash the pump and the gadgets 
used to keep it there. 
     FAQ on Humalog site corruption problem, possible solutions 
     Tips and techniques on changing your set including leaving the old 
set in for 2 - 4 hour minimum (depends on
     insulin type) 
     All about tape, skin irritation problems, cleaners, gunk 
     Injecting into the QR fitting 
     Sleeping with the Pump and intimate moments 
     Estimating carbos at resturants and buffets 
     Humor and the pump this one is a permanent assignment, it will 
grow...and grow... 
     Kids and the PUMP parent volunteer needed here 
     HOWTO start pumping or FAQ on new pumper experiences - what you 
learned in the first few weeks. 
     What to do about HIGH Blood Sugar - exercise, bolus, keytones, 
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