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Re: [IP] silouettes

susan leahey wrote:
> Has anyone had any problems when first learning how to use the sils. 

I can't say I did, but hope I can help anyway.

My son
> (13 years old), has had nothing but trouble w/ them. We switched from the
> soft-sets because he is so thin and they would not last more than 24 hours.
> We tried the sil last week and it worked beautifully. Yesterday we got the
> shipment of sils from minimed and tried it. It went in fine, we thought it
> was working for the rest of the day. At 4:45am today Ryan woke up with a
> B/S of 314. He bloused and at 6:00am it was 425! I gave him an injection of
> 2 units, the we change the site, again. It seemed to be working when he
> went to school. Then he called me at school at 2pm, and said his B/S was
> 504! He checked the tubing and saw blood at the site. I told him to remove
> it and give himself an injection. After picking him up at school we
> changing the site again!,Now we are  waiting to see if it is working. Any
> advice we would appreciate. He is getting very frustrated. Please help.

There are a few possibilities, but a bit more information from you would
What angle were they set at? With a thin youngster a shallow angle is
If you followed directions and put them in at 30 to 45 degrees it's all
possible that the tip hit muscle, though not necessarily immediately. I
he moved and/or rolled over in bed and pushed it into the muscle beneath
the fat layer
it belongs in and may have caught the tip end in the muscle. This tends
to be bad
since the fat moves differently than the muscle, so the tip may either
get clogged
or catch a blood vessel and nick it a bit which makes insulin delivery

Most kids (and me) find it best to put the canula in at about 10 to 15
It may even show somewhat on the surface going under the tape farther
than you 
would expect, but it usually works fine as long as the far tip is
beneath the skin.

It MIGHT be possible to pull sideways slightly on the base in the
direction of the hose
to clear it from something that clogs the far end. This works as long as
there isn't 
bleeding inside, and not always then, but it's a fast easy thing to try
if problems arise.
It's helped me several times.

There has also been mention of the idea that sets need to point inward
(toward the naval?)
to be truly effective. Some find better results from that, though I
can't say it's
affected me.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
4.8 years of Comfort (aka Silhouettes) set use
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