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[IP] Precision QID Pen meter

The meter in a pen is a Precision QID Pen.  It uses the same strips as a
QID, and even uses the same software and cable to download.  It is about the
length of a BIC pen, a little fatter, but not much, very cute. It even has a
clip on it, so all you engineers out there with pocket protectors can just
clip it onto your pocket and go.  'Course, you've still got to put the
strips somewhere, but they're in the foil wrappers, so at least you don't
have a bottle.  The screen that you read the result is very small
(definitely not for someone with vision troubles), and doesn't have a date
or time stamp.  Also, no memory that you can recall on the pen, though it
does download like a meter (100 readings, I think the rep told me.

Anyone know anything about the meter in a pen? how does it work?

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