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[IP] Fast Take reliability

Jenna has been using a Fast Take for almost 1 year now, after having an
Accucheck Advantage.  She, and I, really like it.  Its only quirk that we
have found is that if the drop of blood is big enough to make the meter
start counting down, but too small for an accurate reading, it will give you
a very low reading.  So, if the drop of blood was small, and she doesn't
"feel" like her sugar is 15, we just know to repeat it.  Otherwise, we have
had no problems with it, it doesn't run through batteries very fast, is
highly portable, doesn't seem to mind being dropped (ours has hit the floor
hard enough to pop the case open - just popped it back together and it
worked just fine).  So just watch the small sample sizes.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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