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[IP] silouettes

Has anyone had any problems when first learning how to use the sils. My son
(13 years old), has had nothing but trouble w/ them. We switched from the
soft-sets because he is so thin and they would not last more than 24 hours.
We tried the sil last week and it worked beautifully. Yesterday we got the
shipment of sils from minimed and tried it. It went in fine, we thought it
was working for the rest of the day. At 4:45am today Ryan woke up with a
B/S of 314. He bloused and at 6:00am it was 425! I gave him an injection of
2 units, the we change the site, again. It seemed to be working when he
went to school. Then he called me at school at 2pm, and said his B/S was
504! He checked the tubing and saw blood at the site. I told him to remove
it and give himself an injection. After picking him up at school we
changing the site again!,Now we are  waiting to see if it is working. Any
advice we would appreciate. He is getting very frustrated. Please help.
Thank you to all in advance, Susan 

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