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Re: [IP] Hackles

> I don't think penguins have danders they are very non violent as
> they are slow on land and have short wings not adequaate for beating
> just swift swimmers. Don and penguinie the non-violent penguin
> pumper

Ok, enough already. While enjoy the lite humor, I must point out the 
our average traffic runs around 90 messages a day (yesterday was over 

This good natured banter is OFF TOPIC and while cute, adds 
substantially to the mail traffic. For those few of us who think it's 
nice, it's ok, but this mail list had 1283 members as of midnight and 
wading through birds and feathers in the digest is not fun, nor is an 
overfull mailbox.

email @ redacted
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Re: [IP] Meters
Re: [IP] BG Meters
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[IP] site choices
[IP] site choices  ps.
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[IP] Just being myself....
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Re: [IP] different metter users
Re: [IP] jabbing and Silhouettes
Re: [IP] jabbing and Silhouettes
RE: [IP] Re: Fwd: No Subject - See Attachment - A mom's letter to a local
Re: [IP] jabbing and Silhouettes
Re: [IP] silouettes
[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #139
Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #139
Re: [IP] silouettes
Re: [IP] comparing meters
Re: [IP] silouettes
Re: [IP] Precision QID Pen meter
RE: [IP] Unsubscribe
Re: [IP] silouettes
[IP] 50 years
[IP] Re:tongue biting mothers
RE: [IP] BG Meters
Re: [IP] BG Meters
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Profile of Ruthie Newell <email @ redacted>
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Profile of Karen Westermann <email @ redacted>
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