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Re: [IP] Need Help with Stupid Doctor!!!

Thanks everyone for responding.  Im going to Ky to see my dad and his doctor
(regardless if he wants to see me or not).  This is the same doctor that put me
on a diet for my diabetes.  I have progressed to the insulin pump in a period of
2 years.  I am contacting the MM rep in the area for help.  I am determined that
if my father wants to try this and is willing to test test test.  By God he is
going too.  Im sick and tired of doctors not providing the best medical help
available because of age or money!  my father has already been put on disability
because of a heart condition and diabetes and I be #!&## if I lose him to
complications too soon.  I may have to battle with his insurance company too.
(Its a Union Insurance) But even if they only pay 80%  I'll find a way to cover
the rest! Its just so frustrating. 
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