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[IP] Disetronic batteries

     I have a package of 10 "Swiss made Disetronic Silver Oxide 3V 
     batteries which say that after use they should be returned to 
     If anyone can ID these and needs/wants them I'm willing to trade for 
     something worthwhile (since they're worthless to me wouldn't have to 
     be much of anything but try me)
     By the way: on the meter question.  I have been using a QID meter for 
     years and absolutely think it is the meter of choice.  I got a free 
     AccuCheck complete which I've been playing with but the size just 
     makes it too much too deal with (I stick the QID and bunch of strips 
     and a 'poker' into my pocket and off I go).  I was able to get the 
     download hardware/software from Medisence on a 'nice person' giveaway 
     (I had to send in proof of purchase of 1000 strips) but I'm pretty 
     sure this was a psuedo-special (If you call on the right day and get 
     the right person....)
     Are these batteries really 357 that will fit in the minimed??  If so, 
     also let me know this.
     If you are interested in these Please e-mail me directly at
     email @ redacted or email @ redacted
     one of the lurking dinasours who still wants the words to the 'sugar 
     blues' song we sang in camp NJEDA around 30 years ago (when clinitest 
     BLUE was the magic colour)

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