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Re: [IP] re:insurance problems and going it alone

> I would strongly urge you to check out the
> diabetes/endocrinology center at the nearest University hospital.

This is not universally true. We were going to the Standford Medical 
Center and had to switch to a private endo. Standford new nothing 
about pumps and was recommending a 2 shot a day regimen for Lily. To 
there credit they have started a pump program (2 years later). There 
were some posts last year about Joslin to the effect, that they would 
absolutely not put kids on the pump. I think that is beginning to 
relax somewhat since I know they've been beaten up about it by a 
quite a few list members.

The point is, you must find a medical resource familiar with the pump 
with whom you can get along and get the kind of treatment you want, 
need, and deserve. There is not a one-size fits all solution, 

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