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Re: [IP] corrections

> Should the correction be the same as the meal bolus? For example. 
> We left the hospital with a 15:1 carb ratio and a above 15 mg/dl
> correction (over 160/under 80)  But now, we are down to 12:1, does
> that mean the correction should now be for every 12 mg/dl over 160?

Not quite. There is a ratio calculator on the HOWTO page. You need a 
separate (but related) insulin to bg ratio. DON'T use this number, 
figure out your own, but from what you wrote, I would guess that the 
ratio is probably 65 - 70 bg points per unit of insulin.

There are three interrelated ratios.

     Blood Sugar / Insulin - ratio { BG/I }
     the number of blood sugar points lowered by a unit of insulin
     Carbohydrate / Insulin - ratio { CARB/I } the amount of
     carbohydrate required for each unit of insulin Blood Sugar /
     Carbohydrate - ratio { BG/CARB } the number of blood sugar points
     raised by one gram of carbohydrate 

They are mathematically related as follows:

Blood Sugar      BG      CARB      BG
     to          --   =  ----  X  ----
Insulin ratio     I        I      CARB

Carbohydrate    CARB      BG / I
     to         ----  =  ---------
Insulin ratio     I      BG / CARB

Blood Sugar      BG       BG / I
     to         ----  =  --------
Carbo ratio     CARB     CARB / I

The HOWTO's go into this in detail. Beware! if you get one of the 
numbers wrong, the calculator tool with mess up the others. It's just 
for getting a first cut, you actually have to measure your ratios, 
and you should check with your medical team to make sure you get'm 
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