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[IP] re:insurance problems and going it alone

Miranda wrote:
I had it almost as bad as you-- my pump start was done by some
one who had
never even seen
a pump before; I knew more about it than she did!  So I figure
d out most of
it by myself. 

it was pretty much the same for me.
I started pumping a month ago and although I had a session with a qualified nurse, she knew far less
than I did and had never heard of using more than on e basal.
All she did was watch me as I filled and primed the pump and inserted
a Sofset. She basically said "I'll let you figure it out since you're
the one who's going to be using it."
So much for training.
Anyway, I had read the pumping book and learned a lot from peopel on
here, so I figured out a rough guess for the starting basals and away
I went. I did have a few problems with air bubbles initially and
learnt the hard way on that one, but I soon learnt (and am still learning). 
So, I basically did it al by myself and am still here to tell the
I'd say go for it on your own if you feel confident.

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