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[IP] 30% Kidney Function, Islet cell, Transplant ? For a Friend

Hi Group,

I haven't been around in a while and I have still not rejoined.  I've
been a bit overwhelmed with "stuff".

I need some help from this great wealth of knowledge.  The information
is for a friend of a friend who is Type I and experiencing Kidney
problems.  I would appreciate it if you would please send your responses
directly to me for I have not rejoined the list as of yet.  email:
email @ redacted

I don't know all the facts but the following is what I do know.  Type I
diabetic, showing 30% kidney function, experiencing blood sugars in the
300-400 range.  The doctors are wanting to do a Kidney and Islet Cell
transplant.  I would think normalizing blood sugars whether through pump
therapy or MDI and diet would be a great start, but the doctors don't
seem to be pushing that all.  Anyway for those of you who have had the
transplant(s) and those of you who haven't what would your
recommendations be for this person?

Any responses will be greatly appreciated.

I miss the group and the wonderful input.

I hope everyone is doing well.

email @ redacted

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