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[IP] Where has this been for NINE years?

Dear Pumpers:
     This was forwarded to me by Ellen (webmaster of KidsRPumping .... 
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/camelsRFun/index.html">CamelsRFun's Home Page
</A> ). I was very pleased to see an article encouraging pediatric 
practitioners to become more familiar with the pump....until I looked at the 
information at the top & saw the date was 1990!!!!!.......Grrrrrrrrr
     Insulin pumps in children with diabetes.
Clark LM, Plotnick LP
J Pediatr Health Care 1990 Jan-Feb 4:1 3-10
Insulin pump therapy or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion is 
becoming more common. Nurses can expect to encounter a growing number of 
children who have insulin pumps and an increasing number of questions 
concerning the general application and efficacy of these pumps. 
Therefore it is important that pediatric nurse practitioners, school 
nurses, and pediatric nurses understand insulin pump therapy and its 
role in the overall treatment of children with diabetes. This article 
describes the advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives to insulin 
pump therapy. It also discusses staff expertise, patient selection 
criteria, and patient education as elements of successful insulin pump 

Regards, Renee
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