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Re: [IP] Need Help with Stupid Doctor!!!

Have Dilsetronic and MM send information to the doc emphasizing the senior 
aspects and then contact the state physician licensing board and report the 
doc for denieing the best possible treatment for a chronic disease.  i don't 
know if this will work but send a copy to the doc also.  If you need a 
testimonial of pump advantaages for 50 to 56 yr. olds let me know.  I am so 
mad I could yell at that doc myself.  What's his address?  Does his horse 
balk on wintry days when asked to take him to the office in his aaiar 
conditioned buggy?
Don and penguinie the pumper penguin, 0-
                                                         /()'\ who's mother 
is a senior pumper penguin and a trainer for the pump. 
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