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[IP] Re:Insurance companies

Just my little injection re insurance problems.  While looking for
insurance coverage, someone figured out that the cost of putting Erica
on the pump was going to be $600.00 more a month than traditional
therapy (we are not including the cost of the pump here).  That sat on
someone's desk for months.  No wonder they weren't contacting me.  Let
me see, the cost of 3-4 needles a day = approximately $120.00/month
The other day I figured out pump therapy to be approximately the same
amount  My family was willing to chip in and pay for the pump on Erica's
behalf, great bunch huh?......but the insurance people  came back with
"We will pay the cost of the pump, but will not cover any supplies as
the are not on the LIST"  Well, that was totally absurd....but we
perservered, someone new came into the Human Resources department, and
to make a long story short he called Minimed directly, got the proper
information and TA DA...almost a year later we are pumping.
So,   DON'T  GIVE UP!!   Like Marilyn said, their lack of knowledge is
astounding.  They have to be educated and we have to be aggressive.  We
still have to pass a 5 month free trial period, but I am confident that
will be a go as Erica is doing so well.  Well, except for the past few
days when I dropped her basals and it backfired on me.  needless to say,
the basals are going back up :-)
Barb...Erica's mom

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