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Re: [IP] Batteries

I believe you're thinking about the "audio" option, a light will have to 
be an added feature on the next Disetronic (though I won't use it, 
like my audio). My batteries typically last 8+ weeks, although the 
set that was sent in my main pump box did expire after 3 weeks. 
Have you tried your backup pump?

Beth Melzen wrote
> Hi Wendy.  I also use the Disetronic and have never had to change a battery so
> soon.  My 03 battery seems in need of changing more often than the 02.  I seem
> to remember that there is an option for a light.  I remember turning mine off

> Wendy Anderson wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me there average usage out of batteries? I have been
> > changing my 03 (Disetronic) battery every three weeks! I began getting
> > curious the last few changes and I began writing it on the calendar and sure
> > enough it's almost three weeks to the day! It was my understanding that the
> > electronic-03, lasted longer than the 02 battery (motor). I called D.
> > yesterday and they are replacing 4 batteries for me, but claimed three weeks
> > didn't seem to be a problem, so why the free batteries? Anyway, at $62.00 a

George Lovelace
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