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Re: [IP] Need Help with Stupid Doctor!!!

No apologies necessary. I'm just glad to know that I'm still a 
"youngster" at 50 <g>.   It is very expensive and I believe the extra  
"good" years it will give me ARE worth it. Snail mail this to the 
doctor. Maybe we can change him into one of Natalie's "Pumper 

> Im so mad I could spit! I talked to my dad tonight and he said he mentioned the
> pump to his doctor and was told it is just for young people! My dad is only 56!
> The doctor also said it is a very expensive treatment and not worth the money. 
> I want to tear his head off! How do we change his mind?  My dad is very unlikely
> to change doctors (been going to that quack for 20 years).  I had MM send him

> Sorry for the rant!

George Lovelace
email @ redacted
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