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Re: [IP] ordering from MiniMed...

Why don't we subscribe the MM website to Insulin-Pumpers. THAT 
will teach them about not checking their mail EVERY DAY!

Tonya D. wrote
>   So, I quickly get on-line to order because I
> >realize I have no extras left...I order them 2 day delivery at an extra
> >charge.  IT'S BEEN 4 DAYS AND NO BATTERIES?!?!?!?  Why would I pay for 2
> >day delivery if it's gonna take a week anyway?!?  Anyone know I number I

Mary Jean
> I tried ordering my supplies from MM's website ONCE and only once.  When it
> had been several days and I had not yet received a confirmation for my
> order, I called the number on the back of my pump (800-843-6687) and asked
> what was taking so long.  The people in the order dept. told me that they
> don't check the website orders daily.  If you want fast service, you are

George Lovelace
email @ redacted
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